Jesse has spent most of her adult life struggling with anxiety. After studying neuroscience at University, she has since dedicated her life into researching the effects of CBD on the human body.

     The content on this website reflects her research.

     Jesse is passionate about living an active lifestyle, loves playing volleyball and chasing her dog, Max, around the yard. She hopes that one day soon, Marijuana and THC laws will reflect the reality that it helps so many people manage their pain and anxiety.

The Natural Vibe Mission

At Natural Vibe CBD, we believe living the fullest life we can while using the natural gifts Gaia has bestowed upon us. So we bring you the best tips and information all about products that are revolutionizing the natural healing space. We believe that when we are free to enjoy the Earth's natural medicines, we heal ourselves from the inside out, feel better, and can enjoy a better quality of life. We currently employ hemp and CBD's natural properties within our offerings. We welcome you to vibrate at a higher frequency with us as we discover natural alternatives for modern ailments. 

The Natural Alternative

When it comes to finding natural solutions to modern ailments, look no further than the wonderful utilities hemp has to offer. The compounds found in hemp, most notably CBD offer a wide range of benefits when ingested or used topically. Some of these benefits include:

Proven Benefits of CBD 

Reduced Inflammation

Insomnia Relief

Combats Chronic Pain

Assists with Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Epilepsy Relief

Mitigates Neurological Disorder Symptoms

Provides Supplemental Cancer

Helps to Curb Anxiety

Supplemental Diabetes Relief

Fights Acne

Restores Brain Function in Patients with Alzheimer’s

...and so much more!