How is cbd oil taken

How To Take CBD Hemp Oil

Recent publications in the news and personal stories are all over the web about this phenomenon called CBD oil, and with that comes a ton of products with seemingly endless uses and applications. Do they all work? You may have found yourself asking how to take cbd oil for a particular ailment, or maybe you're interested in the many ways it can supplement improvements to your overall well being.

There is no exact science to take hemp oil, but there are definitely some tried and true recommended methods for which to enjoy its effects. Let's discuss your options.

How to Use Pure CBD Hemp Oil Concentrates

Pure CBD concentrates are one of the most common ways to take cbd oil. These oils are extracted directly from the hemp plant with no additives or ingredients mixed in.

Many times, pure hemp oil concentrates are packaged within an oral syringe. It is not the most aesthetic look, as it might make you think you are about to inject yourself with a needs, but I can assure you that this is completely safe, no need to break the skin.

To take this oil, dispense the amount you want to the back of a spoon, your finger, or under your tongue. The typical serving size is no larger than a single grain of rice.

An interesting quirk about pure CBD oil is that it is entirely natural and the consistency of it widely varies each time it is harvested. Sometimes it will be really thick, while other times the batch will be runny. When taking the oil from a fresh syringe, test it over the sink to see how easy it is to dispense, so you don't accidentally make a mess.

No matter how you choose to dispense your hemp oil concentrate, it needs to end up underneath your tongue and given 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing. The longer you wait for the oil to absorb, the better because the oil will not be able to enter your bloodstream as quickly from your stomach.

This is how most people take pure CBD oil concentrates, but your methods may vary.

Tips & Advice

  1. Place the oil underneath your tongue so your mouth's capillary glands can absorb it.
  2. Pure hemp oil is not very flavorful to most people. Each batch will differ in taste and aroma because the terpenes within the hemp plant vary. Similar to cannabinoids, there is no way to know which terpenes are within the plant until it has been extracted and tested.
Pure CBD hemp oil tastes like a spicy handful of dirt mixed with grass."

When you take hemp oil sublingually (under the tongue), you do not have to taste the oil until you swallow it since your taste buds are on the top of your tongue.

After 60-90 seconds have passed, swallow the CBD oil without anything chasing it for maximum effect, though if you cannot stand the flavor, you can drink juice or water to make it more palatable.

Tart and sour juices mask this flavor the best. A daily regimented dosage of pure hemp oil concentrate is one of the best ways to supplement your body with cannabinoids.

How to Use CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures

CBD oil tinctures sometimes referred to as "drops" are liquid supplements usually packaged in small glass bottles. They generally come with a spray top or a pipette dropper for dispensing the contents.

Manufacturers often mix coconut oil, terpenes, mint, or other natural flavors with the CBD oil to add varieties of flavors to mask the pungent taste of natural hemp. What's more, when other oils are mixed in, this allows manufacturers to modify the concentration of hemp oil to make it less potent than pure hemp oil.

Tinctures are very popular because the varieties make supplementing CBD much more enjoyable than concentrates.

Simply fill the pipette by squeezing the dropper's tip, and drip the desired amount underneath your tongue sublingually and wait for a minute or two before swallowing.

Similar to pure CBD concentrates, it is best to not chase the oil with anything for maximum effect, but if the flavor is too strong, drink some water or juice with it.

Fortunately, there are so many brands out there with a wide array of flavors available for their hemp oil tinctures that even if you do not like the flavor of one, surely you will find one you do enjoy.

Potency can vary with the brands, so it is a good idea to check the label and examine the brand's third-party lab certifications to see how they differ. Tinctures are the best way to get into CBD oil supplementation.

How to Use CBD Vape-Oil Cartridges

Vaping CBD oil is a very user-friendly way to take CBD. Depending on the product you choose to use, you'll either have prefilled cartridges, or you'll need to fill a tank with vape oil.

Unless you already use vaporizers, it may be best to choose a disposable vape cartridge which just screws into the battery pack. If you are using a rechargeable vape pen, it is recommended to pay attention to the cartridge as it empties, so you don't burn out the coil, though keep in mind that you will need to replace the coil on occasion.

Vaping is a very straightforward, yet powerful way to supplement with CBD because it is the fastest known way to absorb CBD into your body. Cannabidiol enters your bloodstream through the lungs and is a very relaxing way to treat anxiety with deep breathing in and out.

Vaping CBD provides the ultimate relief for my anxiety."

How to Use CBD Oil Topical Products for Skin

CBD is a great way to treat dry or inflamed skin! It is often rubbed on target areas that are damaged or dried out. The human body's largest organ is its skin, and it is crucial to keep it properly hydrated and moisturized.

Hemp oil salves and lotions are great for muscle and joint pain as well, making it a natural choice for treating skin problems. All you have to do is massage the product into your skin and repeat; however much you like throughout the day.

Topical CBD products vary in potency and consistency, but just know that if there is an ointment or cream out there for skin, there is likely a CBD-infused version as well. This is one of our favorite ways to naturally heal skin ailments.

Other CBD Products

Did you know that CBD can be mixed into a variety of consumable products to offer a variety of ways to gain its benefits? Some other popular ways to enjoy CBD are with edibles or infused beverages. 

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